Re: Poultry Cars: LPT 1023, PTC 1461 & Others

Bruce Smith

Or brake reservoir test ;)  The D&RGW would indicate that the D&RGW performed the mandated test or service. That would indicate that the photo was taken within a year of 1-31-47.  The date is 1947, not 1942 on the stencil, agreeing with Ray’s 1947 time frame.



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On Jul 11, 2018, at 11:17 AM, Ray Breyer via Groups.Io <rtbsvrr69@...> wrote:

That photo was taken in Stockton California in 1947, near the very tail end of poultry car operations. Given the size and placement of the stencil, I'd suspect that it's a repack or reweigh date and location. 

Ray Breyer
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On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 10:47:58 AM CDT, Jim Allen <jimp72@...> wrote:

I have really been enjoying and learning alot from this Poultry thread.  I am a D&RGW fan.  You posted a picture of a car.  I blew it up and was looking closely at it.  So here are some more questions.  What is written on the car door?   Under the door, on the sill it has something and then a date.... looks like 1-31-42?  and under that D&RGW as clear as day.   Was that car assigned to the D&RGW?  Serviced by D&RGW?  Owned by D&RGW?  Obviously has some connection to it and or traveled on D&RGW trackage.  

Just trying to understand the markings etc.  I may just have to model one or two of that car!

Thanks for the help and insight.

Jim Allen

Jim Allen

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