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In James Kinkaid's SOUTHERN RAILWAY GUIDE TO FREIGHT AND PASSENGER EQUIPMENT there is a Jim King photo of Southern 51861, a Thrall knock-off of a 53' GSC flat. The car was built in September 1956, and in the photo carries what the Kinaid says is the original paint, FCR with Southern spelled out in railroad roman lettering. He is probably right, as the paint is faded and patched.

When we had this conversation back on the old group several years ago, I was told that the GSC flats delivered early in 1954 had the same paint and lettering. I have yet to see a color photo or builder's information that proves this, but see no reason to doubt this was so.

I still contend that the nominal 41' flats we've been discussing were black through the early/mid 1950s when the survivors were painted red. This also appears to be true of various black gondolas, of which I have seen color photos.

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On 7/11/18 11:54 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Southern (CNO&TP) Pullman Standard 70 ton hoppers 281000 to 281299 were
delivered in oxide red paint and Roman lettering in 1957. Similar ACF hoppers
delivered in 1953 were (I think) painted black. So the change was in the
1950's but I don't know precisely when it happened. I also don't know the
date of the change to sans-serif letters.

Tim O'Connor

I have always thought that open top Southern freight equipment during the period of this list was black.
Bill Welch

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