Re: Horizontal Brake Wheels highlighting Tichy parts

Dave Parker

If you go back to the good old (stemwinder) days, there is some evidence to be had in the CBCs, and all of the pre-1920 editions are available for free on-line (and the 1922 edition is/was available from Taplines).  Interestingly, there are if anything more examples of lever-type handbrakes:  Miner, Blackall, and at least four others.  You can also see examples of the tilt-down hand brakes that were used on some drop-end gondolas.

As for horizontal brake wheels, there are a few examples from National Malleable and Dayton Malleable.  Just guessing, but I would bet there were other manufactures as well, but advertising in the CBCs was after all optional, and not all products of the day can be found there.  

My 1931 CBC contains even more diversity, as there is now even more emphasis on power hand brakes, including the horizontal wheel type that Gene mentions.

And throughout, there are several examples of wheels attached to square shafts, although sometimes the squareness does not extend beyond the point of the wheel attachment.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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