Re: Horizontal Brake Wheels highlighting Tichy parts

Bill Welch

Dan Who?

Regarding: "—Are the two Tichy rim variations prototypical or a tooling error?  Don't know.  Both are plausible but the rim of malleable (cast) hand wheels was typically a 'U' cross-section.

Bill, do you mean spoke differences? Gene is correct that by and large U sections were used ( U faces up with drainage holes ), H sections also, see my photo of a NYC wheel on this tread, there are others in H section, both RR specific and manufacturer based. If spokes, I think tooling errors. Second photo closer to what I have in the backyard."

My question is about the wheel rim. The rim on the Tichy "A" set are round or oval but on the "K" set the rims are more or less rectangular w/square edges. Are both Rim shapes prototypical and therefore correct?

(sorry about the bold type)

Bill Welch

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