Re: Horizontal Brake Wheels highlighting Tichy parts


Bill Welch wrote:

My question is about the wheel rim. The rim on the Tichy "A" set are round or oval but on the "K" set the rims are more or less rectangular w/square edges. Are both Rim shapes prototypical and therefore correct?

Short answer, no. I have a dozen or so nominal 16" wheels and all are U or H section. On U section, all but one have the U opening upward. The only exception in an Ellcon- National Peacock 990 with the U section facing down. Looking from the top, it appears round.

Given the time when the Tichy parts were done, they are reasonable. Even now, tooling correct cross sections is difficult. Kadee uses engineering plastic for their superb wheels but in styrene or ABS, tooling would be difficult. Intermountain has done some good brake wheels in ABS but that is in 22" wheels, RC wheels by and large are excellent. Getting smaller compounds the tooling difficulty.

The same thing about being reasonable applies to many other hand brake wheels. Things are getting better though thanks to efforts by Gene, Sam Clark, Frank and his Minions, Ed Hawkins, just to name a few.

Dan Smith

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