Re: Freight Car Reference Manual and ACF built Late IDE 40' boxcars

Dave Bayless


_Hi Everyone:

Really enjoying the freight cars conversations but have two questions:

1st is does anyone know where I can get a copy of Speedwitch Media’s Steam Era Freight Cars Manual volume 3, (Reefers)? I have looked everywhere without luck and Speedwitch Media is out of stock.


2nd has to do with ACF built 40-foot boxcars with the late Improved 4-3+R dreadnaught ends and overhanging diagonal panel roofs.  I have some Accurail cars with these details plus 10 panel riveted sides and 6’ Youngstown doors. Since the doors are cast into the sides they are not the easiest to remove and replace with a 7 or 8-foot door.  The sidesill could be replaced if necessary. I would like to find some photos to work from or especially like to find the prototype for Accurail’s car if possible, (if there is one). Perhaps Dennis Storzik can chime in. I believe Accurail took the Front Range cars and cast new 10-panel riveted sides with 6’ doors. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave SilverStreak Bayless

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