Re: The Twelfth St. Louis Railroad Prototype Modeler's Meet

Nelson Moyer

I saw a lot of younger people and many young people roaming the aisles (I’m 75). From the increasing number of models from periods later than the steam and transition eras, one may extrapolate that the hobby is attracting new blood from the 60s through the 90s. The weathering stations are catering to those who favor rust buckets with graffiti, so the 70s and 80s are getting lots of attention, not only from the manufacturers represented, but the modelers as well. I even saw a guy with a PC shirt who must be a masochist. The number of freight cars from before 1950 was down, which may bode ill for those of us who like single sheathed boxcars from fallen flags. There were very few cars from the teens and twenties, more for the 30s-40s, but still down from previous years. The hobby is definitely evolving with respect to eras of interest, and that may bode ill for those of us who scratchbuild, build resin, and kitbash plastic as material sources become scarce, and RTR takes over the hobby as my generation passes on.


Nelson Moyer


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With such a large crowd (662) it would be statistically meaningful to ask every
attendee to give their current age and then compile an (anonymous) age graph of the
distribution of ages. If done every year we could get a much better idea of the
ages of RPM modelers, at least. It's been known for a long time that many people
don't enter the hobby seriously until their 30s or 40s - once they start to "settle
down". Even in the 1960's I think the "average" age compiled by Model Railroader was
in the early to mid 40's.

Tim O'Connor

My topic was one that has a fairly narrow appeal­maybe i am wrong­and what impressed me is how many faces I did not recognize listening. The conventional thinking is that our hobby is aging and therefore doomed. I don't see it based on the number of newcomers I see on a regular basis. I do wish I had included information for people about this list, and the Styrene and Resin lists.

My only complaint is that the Canteen closed too early. I heard interest in having more clinics and repeating clinics. The facility is really great I think and the CREW was on top of everything.

Bill Welch

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