Hog Fuel

Andy Carlson

Actually the term "Hog Fuel" is still commonly being used by today's co-generators; power plants developed from the 1980s and later for electrical production. When I was still living in Redding, Shasta County, CA., a new co-generating plant was built. The hog fuel is delivered from lots of Northern CA mills, mostly from the Trinity river area. My understanding is that the pieces are not evenly sized, as chunks can very from tiny to the size of fists. Also, many hog fuels are chipped in the woods from logging slash, and are not necessarily mill waste.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

From: Daniel A. Mitchell <danmitch@...>

I think that’s “Hog Fuel” not “Hog Feed” … it’s ground up wood chips and small chuunks from a sawmill or planing operation. It’s an ancestor of modern wood-chip cars. The “hog” is a big grinder that takes sawmill slash and grinds it up into “hog fuel”.

*********Today we’re more likely to call them “chippers”********

The term “hog fuel” also applies to small wood blocks and sticks, Such combustable stuf was commonly used as fuel for donkey engines and such.

Dan Mitchell

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Hog feed car

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