New SFRD Reefers By Resin Car Works

Bob Chaparro

SFRD reefers are now available from Resin Car Works as HO scale kits. A total of 1,360 SFRD rebuilds in the RR-35, -36, -39, and -40 classes were added in the mid-1940s. This new kit reflects these prototypes. Decals were created directly from prototype images. Tahoe Models #012 USRA 50-ton Andrews truck side frames are provided in the kit.

I saw a built-up model of one of these cars at last week's annual Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society convention. It was a very nice model.

Here is a link to additional information, including how to order:

By the way, Resin Car Works describes these cars as "Santa Fe Refrigerator DESPATCH". By the time period for these cars the name was "Santa Fe Refrigerator DEPARTMENT". The change to "Department" dates to 1919.

As late as 1924 (six years after the “D” stood for Department) the Official Railway Equipment Registers still listed SFRD reporting marks as Santa Fe Refrigerator DESPATCH.  The Registers had not caught up with the official change.

Bob Chaparro


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