Tangent Horizontal Brake Wheels

Bill Welch

Before leaving for the C'ville RPM I ordered three different Tank Car parts sets for Tangent with brake wheels. Here is a Shoppers Guide:

#95009-07 contains only one Brake Wheel. Photo on the site was very small and I could tell what I was getting so I took a leap. $3.00 The one brake wheel included is replicated in the other two parts packages.

#95015-09 contains the three brake wheels you see here and very nice Reservoir, Brake Cylinder and AB but cost $8.00. There may some other useful tank car things but will not repeat.

#95007-06 This has the same brake wheels as above—$3.00.

Two of them are dished although not sure this comes thru in the photos.

Hopefully the Brake Wheel Mavins here can ID each one.

Bill Welch

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