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Nice hand-outs. Any chance your lecture text is available? I have a passing interest in Santa Fe's marine operations. When I took basic training in 1975 at USCG TRACEN ALAMEDA (Government Island), and later as base staff, I could see the Alameda slip across the channel and often one of the floats was tied up there. I never saw a tug though. On liberty time I sometimes photographed the Alameda Belt Line, but I never found the access to the slip.

By the way, Government Island still had remnants of street trackage when I was there. During WWII it was a major Coast Guard supply center, and its warehouses were served by an SP spur that crossed the Oakland Estuary on a low bridge from Oakland. I think the bridge was rail/road. By the time I got there that bridge had been replaced by an all-road structure with a hump high enough to allow pleasure boats to go under.

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The link to the handouts for my presentation are on my blog at Santa Fe's San Francisco Fleet Handouts

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