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Just 93 years “young”. !!!

Gads! I hope I live to be 93 years “young”.!!

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On Jul 27, 2018, at 1:13 PM, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

I tried to interest Walter Gray at CSRM in saving one of these. His reaction was, "it was built in 1925!" as though that was last week. HE was only interested in OLD stuff. Sigh.
Tony Thompson 

On Jul 27, 2018, at 12:49 PM, Garth Groff <sarahsan@...> wrote:


These cars survived a long time, long enough for me to photograph one of the last in service in 1967. See my Album #7 on page 9 of our photo section for steel-sheathed B-50-15-A 114216. This car was one of a group of 175 still in service in October 1958. In Tony's book this car was listed among 210 renumbered from 31568-32615 in 1956. I don't know the specific purpose of the small sliding doors, beyond the obvious use for bulk cargo (my ORER is silent on this, and Tony's book says nothing about the doors either, but does note that some were used to carry bulk cement).

Another of these cars, still on its trucks, was used as a tool or materials shed just east of the Roseville diesel shops. IIRC, I finally got a photo of it before it was hauled away in the 1980s. When I finish scanning my father's slides, I will look for the picture among my negatives. If it turns up, I will add same to our album pages.

Neat cars, and anybody doing SP up to the 1960s should have at least one.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On 7/27/18 1:46 PM, dahminator68 via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Steam Era Modeler:
We are pleased to announce that Westerfield Models has several new Kits available now:

Our newest HO Kit release is the  
#12800 Series B-50-15 single sheathed box car with steel sheathing, Murphy radial roof and AB brakes for Southern Pacific and subsidiaries.  
We now have available:  
Kit #12801, SP Original Wood Sheathed version, Op Era 1925-1973
Kit #12862, SP Pacific Motor Trucking version, Op Era 1935-1944
Kit #12863, SP Overnight Service version, Op Era 1946-1955

Our One-Piece Body Kit covers series #14480-15229, 750 cars built in 1925 by Standard Steel Car Co.  The original single wood sheathed box cars differed from previous SP types in that they used hat section side posts of the 1924 design in a Pratt truss arrangement.  In 1935, SP began converting the cars to steel sheathing, first for Pacific Motor Trucking (PMT) service, then for Baggage Express (BX) service in 1942.  Freight versions of these cars also began receiving steel sheathing in this period and by the beginning of WWII, 930 cars in freight service had been converted (Total of all B-50-15 built versions was 3900 cars).  Beginning in 1942, the cars began receiving AB brakes as well. 
Many of the Original wood sheathed cars survived until the late 1960's with their original wood sides.  PMT cars were used until the early 1940's, being discontinued for World War II.  After the war, SP started a new service in 1946, called Overnight Service.  They used new box cars and B-50-15 cars.  This service lasted until the mid-1950's.

We have also posted photos on our Facebook page.

Our unpainted HO Kits include detail parts appropriate for the B-50-15, including the following details:
Improved Cast Urethane One-Piece Body Construction with Fine Details.
Urethane Castings of detail parts, including many car specific parts.
Detailed Hi-Tech rubber air hoses.
Yarmouth Etched Bronze Corner Steps and Carmer uncoupling levers.
Proprietary Multi-Color Decals covering all freight, PMT and Overnight versions of the car.
Detailed Step by Step Instructions and History Sheets with assembly and finished model photographs.
Recommended Trucks:  Tahoe Model Works TMW-109 or TMW-209 Barber Lateral Motion Trucks.
Tahoe TMW-109  or TMW-209 Barber Lateral  Trucks available separately or with Kit (See below).
Kadee Couplers are available separately.

These are now available direct from Westerfield Models.  Most of our Kits do not include trucks or couplers.  We do offer Tahoe Trucks and Kadee Trucks & Couplers for this Series of Kit and separately for our other Kits.  See the Kit versions listed below.  Operating Era for B-50-15 box cars covered by #12800 Series Kits: 1925-1973.  
Original Version Era:  1925-1942 (some 1973)     Modern Version Era: 1935-1973
PMT Version Era:  1935-1944                                  Overnight Version Era:  1946-1955

12801  B-50-15 SS Box Car, Wood Sheathed, Murphy Radial Roof, No End Doors, K Brakes, Original, SP Freight         $45.00
12851  B-50-15 SS Box Car, Steel Sheathed, Murphy Radial Roof, No End Doors, AB Brakes, Modern, SP Freight        $45.00
12862  B-50-15 SS Box Car, Steel Sheathed, Murphy Radial Roof, No End Doors, K/AB Brakes, SP PMT Version           $48.00
12863  B-50-15 SS Box Car, Steel Sheathed, Murphy Radial Roof, No End Doors, AB Brakes, SP Overnight Version      $47.00
12881  B-50-15 SS Box Car Kit w/ Kadee #511 T Section Bettendorf OR Tahoe TMW-109 Trucks w/ Code 110 Whls    $52.00       
12882  B-50-15 SS Box Car Kit with Tahoe TMW-209 Trucks with Semi-Scale Wheels                                                         $52.00

All of the above Kits are available through our website:
We are also glad to accept orders via Mailed in Order Form or phone.

Westerfield Kits include new HO scale unpainted urethane castings, and are complete with quality details, detailed instruction/history sheets 
and proprietary decals covering all versions of the prototype car.   Trucks and couplers are not included but are available separately. 

Westerfield Models is available for custom casting work.  We can make castings from your patterns, both from your custom masters or your 3D printed masters.  Please see our Website, Main Page "Custom Castings" for more information.  Link to page:

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Thank you,
Andrew Dahm
Westerfield Models, LLC
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