Big Trouble in Big China

John Sykes III

Excuse the cross-posting but . . . I was talking to a very well-placed source today about some mislabeled parts and he mentioned that he just found out yesterday that a very large producer of RTR model trains in China just closed the doors and locked-up the factory.  He said this producer manufactured plastic models for several major US companies, but didn’t say which.  He said he is scrambling to find another producer in China, but getting the molds moved and producing some of the locally sourced parts is going to be a royal PITA.  He has put all his future delivery dates on a “release delayed until further notice” basis.  He said he had been in China recently and the factory owner had been sick, but apparently took a turn for the worse recently.  Expect to see long delays on production of new models and probably cancellation of others.  I also found out that Hornby has moved their production from China to Hungary but that is apparently old news.


-- John

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