Re: Big Trouble in Big China

Ken Adams

Please forgive the cross posting to the Passenger Car list as well.

I regularly follow Hornby and buy their products for my UK model. No such information in the most reliable UK source (RMWEB) which would be blowing up with news about Hornby moving production to Hungary it were it true. Be careful about 3rd hand news. 

As I write my new Hornby Southern Railway Maunsell Restaurant car is in the mail. Expensive at about  USD $60.  But then GGD/Sunset just announced their finally "accurate" plastic SP Arch Roof (Harriman) 72 foot cars at $119.99 each. At least the Hornby Restaurant car (being a First Class kitchen diner) has lighted lamps on the tables and curtains in the windows of the dining area.  Hornby even included a representation of the lead weights on the outside of the car to balance the corridor side of the car in the kitchen area against the iron stoves of the kitchen.

Ken Adams
Walnut Creek

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