Re: Freight Yard Light Poles


Looking at some photos, I agree with Schuler, in general.  I will state that I think the poles heights are from the ground, 32 feet in total, and with the lights at or about 24 to 26 feet in elevation. There are several more feet above the lights for cross arms carrying lines. 

      I'll also add that of the examples, in one of the photos, a pole that seemed ONLY to serve as a light post, and terminated the light circuit, was a bit lower than the other poles that held lights and line carrying duties. This last part I feel is a distinction worthy of modeling.
     The photos I studied are roughly 9MG per photo and I am aware of this sites limitations. They are however great for studying detail and that is why when I was still an officer of the NPRHA and the Milwaukee Road Historical Society graciously gave these to our group, I had the original large 2.25 x 2.25 film images scanned at a high res.   I can post say 2 photos if people here request it.                Jim Dick - St. Paul

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