Re: [STMFC] Atlantic & East Carolina 1937 AAR Boxcar

James Brewer

I obtained two factory decorated A&EC boxcars as I'm always on the lookout for some “y'all” road freight equipment to add to my N&W Shenandoah Valley line model railroad.

I consulted Ed Hawkins' chart on 1937 AAR boxcars and learned these cars were obtained from Southern Railway and had four alternating rivets per side sheet for mounting interior vertical members to facilitate side lining. Bill Welch pointed out there were also rivets on the ends of the car. Ed was also kind enough to supply a prototype photo and mentioned plans for these cars could be found in Southern Railway Equipment Drawings and Photographs, Volume 1, Book 1, 40' Steel Boxcars, published by SRHA. As luck would have it I owned this book having purchased it at the Cocoa Beach bash several years ago. The drawings for the side and end of the car showed the additional rivet locations.

I removed the cast on side and end grab irons, as well as the ladder rungs. I left the cast on stiles, retainer, retainer line, brake housing, brake step and brake rod. In hind sight, had I been able to find decals I would have substituted InterMountain or Red Caboose ends which would have allowed use of better details.

There is no rivet detail on the ends of the Yardmaster cars. There should be a strip of rivets at the very bottom of the end, as well as in the middle where the two sheets are joined together. I added these rivets with decals from MicroMark.

I drilled four holes per side sheet and used Tichy .020 rivets. I used Plastruct .010 styrene rod for the ladder rungs, and Tichy 18 inch drop grabs for the sides and ends. A-Line Style B sill steps, Kadee Miner Hand brake and Plano Morton Running Board were used based on the information in Ed's reference chart. I had a terrible time with the latitudinals in mounting the board to the brass frame and then to the car. Detail Associatates uncoupling levers were added on each end.

Ed had pointed out in the photo he sent the trust plate on the car had been removed since the cars were paid for, but the mounting rivets were still visible. I again used Tichy .020 rivets to add this detail on each car.

I used Tahoe Model Works 40 Ton ARA trucks.

Thanks to all to offered information and suggestions on these cars.

Jim Brewer

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Also note that the cars were not all built at the same time. I have clear
shots that show build dates 1938 to 1941, and a couple of cars with shop dates
of 1957 - although most of them are from 1954. So they were not all leased
at the same time.

The 1938 cars have S-corner ends, while some later cars have W-corner ends! All
of the cars have those Southern Rwy stencils, so it seems clear these cars came
from the Southern, which owned both the early and later 1937 AAR cars.

The cars remained on the A&EC a long time. In July 1972 there were still two of
them on the roster.

Tim O'Connor

Before I looked through my photo albums where I have several photos of these cars I checked my computer and son-of-a-gun there were three: 1045, 1015 and 1039 from Vancouver. All appear to be freshly painted and have reweigh dates of either 2-54 or 3-54 so I think it is safe to say it was around that date that the A&EC either acquired or leased these cars. Further to the left of the ladder fairly high on the side is stenciled "Southern Ry. Co. Spencer" with waht appears to be a January 1954 paint date.

Years ago Des Plaines did custom kits of these cars using the then IMWX kit.

Bill Welch


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