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The RF&P had cabooses which appear to be USRA or clones. I have no information about them, except that in 1950 several were sold to the Pacific Electric. Ira Swett's CARS OF PACIFIC ELECTRIC, Vol. 3 has photos of three, said in the rather random text to be the last cabooses purchased outright for the PE. The text does not tell us how many, but there are photos of 1977, 1981 and 1984. They were in a series of used eastern cars of other designs which went as high as 1985 (1975 is an ex-LV car with an offset cupola), so it is likely there were at least 9 ex-RF&P cars, 1977-1985. Whether 1976 was a USRA car I can't say, but there might have been 10. The cars differ from the Clinchfield caboose Bill showed us in that they had passenger-type steps. 1977 and 1978 were preserved at the Pomona fairgrounds back in the 1960s (I have two photos, among of my earliest), but I have no idea if they still survive.

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On 7/30/18 4:54 PM, Seth Lakin via Groups.Io wrote:
A question for the group. I have not had any luck finding a roster of USRA and USRA copy wood cabooses. 

I know the following roads had them and a partial list of numbers. 
Boston & Maine ?-?
Central Vermont 4050-4052
Pittsburgh & Shawmut 163-167
Ulster & Delaware 641-650 became
New York Central 20090-20099

Can anyone add to the list. 

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN

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