Re: [STMFC] Atlantic & East Carolina 1937 AAR Boxcar

George Eichelberger


Thanks for the good info on an uncommon box car!

Actually, the cars never left Southern ownership. They were repainted and lettered for the A&EC but never “lost” their Southern numbers. It is too small to read, but the lettering in the upper right of the attached photo says “Sou Rwy Owner 10663”. Many of these were rebuilt back to Southern paint in various programs. (I cannot read the number on your model. If you’ll let me know what it is, I’ll look up it’s Southern numbers before and after its A&EC service…although not all of the 1937 cars were rebuilt.)

The photo of A&EC 929 was taken in the warehouse area at Camp Lejeune, NC in early 1968. Most of the A&EC cars appeared to have been stored there at that time. Both the ACL and Southern served Camp Lejune then. The tracks are still active in another part of Lejeune for inbound coal and where equipment is loaded on DODX flat cars for long haul shipment or to be loaded on US Navy ships at Moorhead City.

I discovered this trove of cars (too many to see or count) as I was in the area to renew my USMC truck driving permit…which I failed!  There were multiple places where the tracks had been removed with only the rails still in the pavement. True, the PFC conducting the test told me to stop at all railroad crossings along the route. Being around railroads most of my life, I knew NO train would be crossing at those locations but the Private (I was a Sgt.) had been told they were “crossings” so that was that.


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