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The B&M cabooses were second hand from the Lehigh & New England. B&M C-90 - C-92 were from the L&NE series 574 - 578, built by Magor in 1931. B&M cabooses C-93 - C-95 were former L&NE 571 - 573, built by PSC in 1929.

The Pittsburg & Shawmut cabooses were in series 163 - 172 (ten cars).

The Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion cabooses were numbers 8 and 9, most likely ex-P&S cars.

The Clinchfield cabooses began with 1020.

The wooden Reading cabooses were copies of the steel cabooses Reading had been building since 1924. These were based on the USRA design but some of the dimensions were not identical. The Reading built 50 wood-sided ones during WWII to conserve steel, designated class NMn, numbered 92930 - 92979. One of them, 92947,  became Maryland & Pennsylvania 2007. Around the same time Reading also built eight for the Lehigh & Hudson River.

John C. La Rue, Jr.
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A question for the group. I have not had any luck finding a roster of USRA and USRA copy wood cabooses. 

I know the following roads had them and a partial list of numbers. 
Boston & Maine ?-?
Central Vermont 4050-4052
Pittsburgh & Shawmut 163-167
Ulster & Delaware 641-650 became
New York Central 20090-20099

Can anyone add to the list. 

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN

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