Re: Not a good sign

Roger Huber <trainpainter@...>


Well that's certainly not good news. Great products and always nice to order from too.

On a similar note, yesterday I went on several shop websites trying to stock up on many different items from various manufacturers. I came out with almost nothing! Even places like Kleins had more "0 In Stock" items than "X In Stock" items. Scary! They were my favoritet go-to place. I know they have changed their business model but does that mean you can't even mail order from them now? I tried the new Caboose Hobbies and they seem to have nothing in their new store. It wasn't just those 2 places. So what's going on that no one is stocking anything? Are we going to be forced to order from The Backorder Hobby Shop (Walthers)? Is this a trend, a fluke or what?

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 11:10:29 AM CDT, Pierre Oliver <pierre.oliver@...> wrote:

Just tried calling Reboxx today, the number is disconnected.
I have this sinking feeling that semi-scale wheelsets are going to
become a little more of a challenge

Pierre Oliver

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