Re: Funaro & Camerlengo 1008 40' Boxcar NP 1918

Sean Murphy


I believe that is a different car.


If you have an article or photos on them, I would be interested. I have the 1922 CBD.


The history on this car I believe is that they are from the 17000 series which were renumbered to the 31000 series during the 1930's. They were then cut up, sold, or moved to company / MOW service by the 1951. Since I model Sept.1950 on the GN, only 2-3 cars from NP records were still in interchange at this point. I am working on the kit currently and it is my first F&C.

I'm starting my dive into the resin world and it brings me back to the fun I had assembling blue box kits 20 years ago. I'm an architect, but now enjoy locomotive / rolling stock building and research more than almost any other aspect of the hobby. Go figure...

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