Re: Funaro & Camerlengo 1008 40' Boxcar NP 1918


By coincidence, its sister kit (#1006) just came out of the paint shop.  It's the 1906 8' high version (vs the 1908 8'-6"). Same kit otherwise.  Has to be one of the better F&Cs, the radial roof casting is massive and fit down into the sides & ends perfectly all the way around. The trusses went in rather quickly. A couple of tricks I learned doing these is to string the fishing line alongside the queen posts, and then when all done and tied & glued off (do not overtighten), lift them up onto the queen post tips and then spot glue.  Nice taught trusses.  I run the line through the turnbuckles (I can see Bill Welch cringe), but the reliability loss and assembly grief is not worth the effort of trying to make them see-through.  Another is to do the brake rigging after the trusses are in except for the train line and drill as many holes ahead of the truss install you can.

Paint is Tru-Color TCP-193 NP 1930-45 Freight Car Brown over Vallejo Poly Primer (do not use the Tru-Color Primer).  The decals are crap, and if you can afford it, do as Bill says and use Microscale or Speedwich or something. Or you can do as I do and use the F&C blobs and pick the best ones from all the ones they provide.  The set includes ones for #1006-1008, so be sure to use the right ones.  I'm already dumping an extra $16 in parts and materials into what is a $24 kit, so buying decals is something I try to avoid. 
As a side note, this would make a good kit for someone who was relatively new and wanted a truss rod kit that goes together well.  Just be sure to spend the money and get at least one Coffman right-angle clamp.
RJ Dial
Burlingame, CA

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