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I call these colors "cream yellow and tangerine orange" but that's just me.  GE specification referred to the yellow as Croydon yellow but I have never been able to corroborate that that was exactly what the Salzberg organization specified.  The orange color has been speculated to have been copied from that of Syracuse University.  However, if you could see the orange on the 4000 vs. that on the C2654 vs. that on the contemporary GE Centercabs, you would appreciate that the best advice for the color would be to 'copy' that you see on the particular car you might model.  The yellow is subtle having hints of brown (very slight) and it has often been mistaken in faded condition as white (old slides dupes?).  My recommendation for the yellow has been Model Master #4209 "Hull Cream" or #4221 "Panama Buff" but others can probably work.

WAG 4000 was B&O M-41 188339, relatively unmodified from the original BR&P 3500-3999 series built in 1914 by SSC.  Two other M-41s were on the WAG but they had been modernized with newer cast-steel trucks, attached ladders, re-done facias, and running boards.  Other than brief trips over to Coudersport on the C&PA, there is no evidence that they went off line after the start of the WAG in 1956.  These cars were exclusively in LCL merchandise service.

Four WAG cars so painted that did go off line were (4100-4103) former Rock Island B-2 (Fowler Clones) that presently might be kit-bashed but for which there is no exact model.

Regards from Grove City, Penna, not far from that SSC plant at Butler that built both caboose and box car.    -----   Mike Schleigh 

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Partial black & white view of WAG 4000:

What colors were these cars?


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