Re: water standpipes (was Freight Yard Light Poles)


   thanks for clarifying the "bell shaped object". I had always known the valve work was up in that area and thought this part of the valve work. Which I guess it is (part of) however your sharing makes it more precise.

    As these are NP photos, I know the NP used two mfgrs of water column standpipes, Poage and Sheffield (and the latter was associated with Fairbank-Morse). I believe that the Tichy model is of Sheffield design.
IIRC correctly Overland Models imported the Poage style in years prior.

    I believe that the water columns in the photos are of the Poage design. These came (as did the Sheffield), in different variations.

    Googling up “railroad water column” and “railroad water standpipe” brings up many images and photos. A wealth of info which could help on your modeled railroad.   Jim Dick -Roseville, MN 

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