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Norm Buckhart

Tony’s right - even with a responsive museum to the hobby, until someone, usually a volunteer, takes the time to inventory and catalog them and then enter them in a computer system - which could be years - all these items are lost to the hobby.  Good luck getting anything from the UPHS!  The Newberry in Chicago has a vast collection of drawings, correspondence and even some photos - like 50,000 pieces - and they are very nice to talk to - BUT about 80% of their received material are in boxes uncataloged and hence unobtainable and have been sitting there for years.  If anyone has any volunteer time on their hands - they could go to the Newberry and help do some entry work

My interest is to produce decals in O and HO for the hobby in general.  I have no interest in retaining the Heinz material once scanned here.  Craig Ordner at the Temple Railroad Museum in Texas is one of the conscientious and very helpful curators out there and I would recommend any worthwhile donations go there.  The fairly new curator at the California State Railway Museum, Chris Rockwell is also a very responsive person and very helpful.  But again any submissions will need to get in line to be cataloged and entered - and that is a very big operation

those are my thoughts

norm buckhart

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James SANDIFER wrote:

Send to an archive like the one in Temple that will care for it and share it.

     Excellent statement. There are archives that you might not be sure will retain a gift and take care of it (or may not even have a long life), and there are archives where materials are not very accessible. Ideally, find out about both aspects before choosing a destination for donations.

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