Re: PTC or STC?

This discussion is about a photo on page 135 in Steve Hile's new book "UTLX Steam Era Tank Cars".  Shown are two high platform tank cars owned by The Ohio Cities Gas Company.  Part of the caption reads "built by Standard Tank Car Company in 1914".

I own the original photograph.  The correct built date is July 1916.  The cars were weighed at "SHRN 7 16".  Stenciled on the center frame, just to the left of the reporting marks is "REPAIRED & PAINTED BY PEOPLES TK. LINE CO AT COFFEYVILE KANS."  There is no mention anywhere of who built the car, maybe because of the repaint.  Attached is a detail of OCGX 5255.

Other dates stenciled on the underframe seem to read  "repacked 7 16 1919" and on the air reservoir "4-19"  On the back of the print is stamped "RECEIVED JUL 30 1919 Traffic Department".  Geez, the print is 99 years old.

Is David claiming that ALL the high-walkway tank cars with Standard Tank Car look-alike underframes were actually built by Pennsylvania Tank Car?

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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