brake wheel terminology (was PTC or STC?)

Tim O'Connor

FYI - terminology note -

Railroads (Car Builder's Cyclopedia) call handbrakes with gear housings on the ends of box cars

They refer to hand brakes mounted on posts on tank cars and flat cars as

Obviously the terms apply to the orientation of the plane of the hand brake wheel relative to the ground.

Reference: 19th Car Builder's Cyclopedia, page 919, Superior Hand Brake Company advertisement

However, we can note that the various PTC high walkway cars shown in the ORER entries that David Thompson cites all use horizontal brake wheels, while the two OCGX cars in the book photo demonstrate the use of a level hand brake on a "stick" that was pretty common on early STC cars.  The tall side facing ladder does match the PTC entries.

Steve Hile

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