Re: UP 1925 gondola

Richard Hendrickson

At OERM in Perris CA there's a UP 48-foot, 9-panel gondola. It's in 1960s
paint but it has built date of 1925. G-50-7, I believe? (I didn't record
the number.)
Were there a lot of these? Were they modified through the years? Why
doesn't Westerfield offer it? <g>
Class G-50-9, original numbers 99500-99999, 500 cars built 1925 by the
Pressed Steel Car Co. Corrugated steel drop ends, Bettendorf T-section
trucks. They were rebuilt at Denver in the mid-1950s and renumbered into
the 28000 and 29000 series. At that time, they got new AAR trucks, new
draft gear, and many got fixed plate steel ends. 20" UNION PACIFIC
stenciling began to appear in 1956.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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