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Steve and Barb Hile

RI 47000-47020 were converted for bulk flour service by the railroad in 1956 by locating two round hatches on raised squares one on either side of the running board and either side of the car center line.  A shield shaped hatch was added in the lower left corner of either side and the car was completely lined with plywood (sides, ends and ceiling) attached to the side posts, etc, in lieu of the old wood lining.  This was then coated with a polyester sealer applied over fiber glass netting.  The original cars came from the 145000-145999 series, 10'6" inside height boxcars built by Pressed Steel Car company in 1940.
I attach Rock Island photos from the rebuilding project before repainting.
Twenty more cars were done in 1957 and 1957 extending the series to 47040.  These cars used 1/4 inch thick MET-L WOOD faced with 0.020 aluminum applied over the original lining.
Ross Dando made a run of resin castings some years ago to provide these roof hatches and unloading doors.  You can contact him to get a set at twinstarcars at yahoo dot com.  Please don't reply to the listing.  He won't see it.
Steve Hile

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See Hile 'Rock Island Color Guide', page 36.  They were built, and evidently remained in service for some time, although they were a dead end design like other boxcars converted to bulk loading only.  All 21 are still listed in my 65 ORER, so this is a car I could use.

The caption suggests they were made obsolete by covered hopper cars, but I'd think it would have been primarily Airslide cars that would have displaced these.  If you model the right period of time, you might see these cars on a flour mill loading (shipping) siding along with a few Airslides and boxcars for bagged flour.

Only hard part about the conversion might be the stenciling.

Ron Merrick

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