Re: brake hose brackets, etc.

Nelson Moyer

Formula 506 Canopy Glue from Pacer. Dries clear, and a little dab will do. You’ll find it at any hobby shop that caters to model airplane enthusiasts.


Nelson Moyer


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There are several brands of “canopy cement”, and not all are the same chemically. What brand do you suggest? I’ll certainly give it a try.


Dan Mitchell


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I use canopy cement to glue HI Tech air hoses into Precision Scale brackets. It works.


Nelson Moyer.


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I doubt that any paint will adhere to them ... coat them yes, but stick, no. When they flex the paint flakes off.


I continue to find NO simple way to firmly attach these hoses. No glue known to man will adhere to them. Not ACC, not epoxy, not silicon adhesive, not Gorilla glue, not white glue, not acetate cement, not “shoe-goo" … etc. The darn things just fall off, or pull right out of the dried glue. I run my equipment, and normal vibrations or the most minor contact extracts them. They even fall off cars in storage boxes. The only way I’ve found that works is to insert their shanks into fine metal tubing (hypoderm. stock, or K&S 1/32” or smaller brass tube if you can find it), and crimp the tubes, mechanically locking the air-hose, then glue the tube to the car’s underframe or floor as appropriate. This works dependably.


Use of a metal or plastic bracket for appearance is still an option.


They’re an excellent product, but a real pain to work with.


Dan Mitchell


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Do the HiTec hoses hold paint?


Bill Pardie




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I agree and understand the comment was discussing the bracket. But as the hose was part of the example, I commented on the hose adding to the discussion.  I too use only the HiTech hoses and depending on the instillation, I either use the Kadee bracket or fabricate my own...


Mike Smeltzer 



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