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Eric, I believe John Golden did the Accurail-ACL gon in the ACL/SAL Ezine. I’ll see if I can find it
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Those Wheeling cars built in 1921 had different ends than the Accurail kit. The floor also needs to be modified to a wood representation. The cars originally ran with KD brake systems. I’m not certain when (or if) they received AB brake systems. Here’s a look at modifications to an Accurail model for a W&LE gondola.



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Aaron Heaney asked:
"Guys I went through the process of detailing an Accurail DL&W gondola before I realized that it wasn't correct. Can anyone direct me to correct decals for it? I model PRR in the Harrisburg PA area circa 1952. I would prefer a black scheme just so I have less work."

Here are some possibilities:


Additionally, Tichy does a set for W&LE, but it's of the cars as built in 1921.



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