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Denny Anspach <danspachmd@...>

Since their inception, I have used the HiTech hoses in wholesale numbers for years in a variety of installations and to my knowledge I have never had one fall off, or get dislodged. However, all -all- have been mechanically held in place by PSC hangers, drilled holes in styrene blocks, etc., secured with tiny drops of Barge cement or thick ACC. The only cements that I know are likely to hold these soft rubber supple hoses in place for ordinary use without mechanical enclosure are the contact cements, notably Barge Cement. ACC will not do it.

The PSC brake hose hangers are beautiful, but can be a bit frustrating in the drilling-out the hole for the hose itself. I made a crude wood jig to hold the hangers vertically in a vise so that I could easily drill them out to #74, the diameter th beyondat I found best to accommodate the HiTech hoses. Starting out with a #79 pilot hole as Nelson Moyer has suggested, is indeed very good practice. There is an ample dimple to help with centering. I usually will drill out a dozen or more hangers at a time, taking no more than about ten minutes or so in the process. Using a drill press will save a lot of drills- for a variety of reasons.

A side note: The PSC hangers came about directly from the conversations and expressed needs from those on this very list. It was simply amazing then (and now) that not a single HO brake hose hanger was available beyond the esoteric Kadee hangers designed for their fine log cars, and the hangers included in the CalScale kits.

Dennis Storzek then drew up, machined, and generously provided the fine pattern for the PSC casting that we now enjoy. I negotiated with PSC for development of the castings and the resulting agreement to include the part into their standard line.

Mont Switzer and I underwrote minimum production (taking in return- pleasure and product!). I tried every rhetorical trick I knew to persuade PSC to core out the hole for the hose itself, but they felt that it simply was too small in that location to be feasible. The hangers were at the time designed to accept the the brass PSC hoses, i.e. 0.020” #76, but with ordinary care, they readily accommodated the slightly large hole for the excellent HiTech hoses. They are a great combination, and the barely crossed facing hoses look terrific (that is, terrific!) when cars ALSO have scale distances between facing striker plates (29” Accumate Proto -31”Kadee Scale), this -in turn- only enabled by scale couplers.

This lovely scene of scale relationships is easily destroyed by the interfering presence of the magnetic glad hands, and in this regard, I clip these off flush, each and every one of them.


Denny S. Anspach MD
Quarryville, PA

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