Re: News from Steve Funaro on Wabash Automobile Box and Stock Cars

Rob Adams


That is indeed great news for modelers if those Wabash SS box cars will
be reworked from their original incarnation. The original F&C Wabash
Automobile box cars were characterized by many of the deficiencies of
early resin offerings from F&C and some others. It sounds like they are
doing additional versions, and the stock car is definitely a pleasant
surprise. I look forward to seeing their efforts.

The Wabash 13000 series 41'6" War Emergency gon model from F&C is indeed
pretty nice. The castings are not quite in the same league as
comparable offerings from Westerfield or Sunshine, but the kit assembles
into a very nice model of a distinctive car. I would highly recommend
augmenting/replacing the decals with the pieces from the Mark Vaughan
Wabash hopper car set, as some of the lettering dimensions/shapes leave
a bit to be desired in the F&C set.

Rob Adams
Wellman, Iowa

"skunkskunk2001 " wrote:

I spoke with Steve Funaro recently at a the Saline, Michigan train
show. He said they will have several versions of the Single
Sheath/"Z" brace Wabash Automobile box cars (various end and door
versions) including the resheathed sheet metal version available this
year. And, get this, he is also doing the stock car that was made
from these cars!

He told me that he plans to have the kits ready for sale at the time
of the Toronto NMRA Convention. I also bought a couple of the 13000
series Wabash gondola kits "in a bag" and they look nice.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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