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Gary Patrik

I was wondering if a ‘bo would select a ride under a stock car.

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Bill, nothing beats a truss rod stock car!  It really looks good, even without paint.  I acquired a couple of these kits to modify for use as Great Northern stock cars until Speedwitch released their fine model. 


Gary “truss rod” Laakso


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Just in case there are any 1/87th people living Rough in the vicinity, I thought I would make it easier for them to "Ride the Rods" by putting a 2 x 6 through the Custom Finishing freight turnbuckles on my almost finished F&C Rutland stock car. At some point in the near future I will report on detailing this model on the "Speedwitch Modeling Blog." Secondarily the board helps keep the turnbuckles from turning and loosening.

Bill Welch

Best regards,
Gary Patrik

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