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Steve and Barb Hile

They would have been on the side of the dome towards the brake wheel end, and out of the photo we are looking at.  Photo 12 shows the car from a greater distance, and there may be a "nub" on that side of the dome, but its questionable.
Best Foods, (the BFX reporting mark) doesn't show up in the ORER record until 1932, according to Ian Cranstone's web site, so the car could well have been second hand to them, and if it was a re-purposed petroleum car, could have had its safety valve opening plated over for food service.
Steve Hile

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I was wondering if the safety/safeties hadn’t gotten knocked off in the derailment?



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Always fun to do a bit more digging...
This car appears to be a Best Foods car, with BFX reporting marks.  Note the lack of safety valves on the dome, so its cargo was not volatile.
From the underframe, it appears to be an ACF Type 7 or 8 tank car with the trapezoidal shaped end sill and vertical posts on the corners up to the hand rail.  It would have been built around 1908, and would have been about 45 years old at the time of the derailment.
It is also interesting to see the integrity of the tank has been maintained, while the underframe has been torn up.
Steve Hile

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The post about the 1953 SP San Francisco Derailment has a photo of a tank car that (to me) looks like the tank car on Cannery Row:
Even the dome appears to be the same.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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