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Armand Premo

Great job Bill.Now I'll have to go down to the basement and check out my four.Armand Premo

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A current project is a Great Northern 40-ft. Truss Rod boxcar using a Funaro & Camerlengo kit that is probably 20 years old based on the older style box it is in. I built this same kit years ago when I first started building resin kits using Fishing Line for the truss rods: BIG MISTAKE as it has stretched over time. I now always use .015 brass wire and Grandt Line Brass turnbuckles from my stash allowing a see-through effect. Building this underframe is akin I think to building a ship-in-a-bottle in terms of the assembly sequence and making sure things will fit. With photos from a friend I used a Tichy AB brake set to place them out accurately. Normally I use .012 brass wire for the brake piping but I had a hard time getting it to bend like I wanted so I used .010 styrene rod. The levers are made a little too long so I could fit the brakes rods outside the the second Queen Posts on each side. Next the interior pairs of Queen Posts are assembled. To accept the .015 wire the grooves in the Queens posts were carefully enlarged with a single edged razor blade. Next I fit the interior truss rods and then the brass turnbuckles. All of this is pretty tedious so I am putting the underframe aside for a few days to work on the boxcar's body.

I should note that F&C has the four Queen posts cast as one assembly, but these assemblies are plainly too long and need to be cut into two parts to fit the width of the u/f correctly. Hopefully the photos will amplify/enhance my building notes.


Bill Welch

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