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The Kadee people told me these were coming several months ago. I've been after Sam to do the Morton RB for years. Nearly all WP PS-1s used Morton. I'm going to order immediately.

Now all we need is the corresponding 50' version. Please, Sam!

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Garth Groff  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

On 8/24/18 11:13 AM, Ed Hawkins wrote:

STMFC members,
The Kadee web site is now showing two new running boards for 40’-6” box cars. Both are available in 4 colors. Samples were shown last month at the St. Louis Area RPM.

U.S. Gypsum expanded metal (used from early 1940s to 1954)

Morton (used from early 1940s through 1950s)

For those who have not yet installed a Kadee running board to their PS-1 roof, something to be aware of is that the Kadee’s running board is “directional.” The running board has 6 notched mounting pins, equally spaced along the longitudinal center line under the running board surface, which are in turn inserted into corresponding precision-cut holes in the roof. The notches must face the right side of the car for the pins to be oriented properly so that they will lock into place. To complete the assembly, the latitudinals each have an additional pin to insert into diagonally-opposite roof holes above the side ladders, and the end supports are inserted into two holes.

The process is simple as long as the notches are properly oriented. If turned 180 degrees, it might cause head scratching and the question “why isn’t this working?” 

For those wondering, Sam Clarke of Kadee advised me that U.S. Gypsum & Morton brake steps are currently in work & a decision will be made at later date regarding availability for separate sale.

Ed Hawkins

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