Re: HO scale ASF A-3 Ride Control trucks with roller bearings

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Well, it woulda been okay if the U.S. didn’t abhor the metric system so much back then. Instead they chose to widen the gauge to 5’ or, for the serious modelers, they chose to work in 17/64 scale.

Who in the wide world of trains would prefer to measure in 17/64fths than 7 mm?

Boy, guys like Milton Cronkite were truly the model train world “he men” of the day.

Macho, macho trainman; I want to be a macho trainman……

John Hagen


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Well, NO it is not!  If we want to pick nits it’s actually 1:87.0857142. A really goofy scale resulting from the formal definition of 3.5mm = 1 ft. An odd mix of Metric and English units that does not divide out evenly. This results from “HO” being half of European “O” gauge, which is 7mm to the foot … another goofy scale. Why did they pick such a congloberation in the first place


Dan Mitchell


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Not to be a picker of nits, but you should be cubing 87.1 and not 87... that is the correct ratio.


Bill Daniels

On a grey day by the bay.

On Aug 23, 2018, at 5:18 AM, Daniel A. Mitchell <danmitch@...> wrote:

If you have a computer/calculator connected to your scale, it could do the conversion for you … i guess that would be a “scale scale”. Then you could weight your models directly Graft this under a piece of HO track and you’d have a working, direct reading, track scale.


Dan Mitchell


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Wish my weight was in scale tons.

Anyway, to check the weight wouldn’t you need a scale scale?

John John Hagen


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 John Hagen wrote:

Just for the fun of it seeing as how proper nomenclature has been introduced;

There is no way in hell an HO truck, even a pair of them, could weigh 70 tons.

I’ll now return to my nap.


      What, you don't know about scale tons?


Tony Thompson






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