Re: Stand-off End Straps on GN Truss Rod Boxcar

Robert kirkham

Nice work Bill.  I guess the fillet behind the brace at the corner – combined with the near wire grabs – will make the model robust enough for handling carefully. 


The prototype configuration is kind of interesting – makes me wonder why the retainer line would have that complicated bend rather than run up the end in the clearance behind the brace?


Rob Kirkham


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Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2018 10:35 AM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Stand-off End Straps on GN Truss Rod Boxcar


Stand-off details like ladders and grabs have become the norm in creating scale models of freight cars and I wanted to take it another step and have some Stand-off Straps" on my GN truss rod boxcar ends. Before assembling the ends and sides I carefully removed the molded-on straps on the ends and mostly did a clean job w/a minimum gouges and then re-scribed the wood sheathing joints. When I was happy with how things looked I used a sanding sponge to give the ends a finished appearance. Recently I cut some 0.005 styrene sheet into strips wide enough to match the straps on the sides of the car and from these strips cut some small squares. I then used CA to glue two of the squares onto the end posts where the ends straps pass over these posts and used Tamiya Super Thin to glue the straps in place centered on the end. By having a styrene-to-styrene joint it enabled me to make slight adjustment if necessary to make sure the straps was square and level. I let the fast working Tamiya cure for a few minutes and then pulled gently on one end of each strap and pressed it down on the corner at the same time making it taught with sharp bend at each corner. I secured each corner with a small amount of CA so it would set up quickly and then came back with a bent piece of 0.010 wire to wick CA under each corner of the end to create a fillet of CA so when dry this slightly elevated area would have a hard base. I allowed all of this to sit overnight and the next morning trimmed of the excess styrene w/a fresh Single Edge Razor Blade and used rivets harvested from an Athearn gondola to create the bolt heads that secure the strapping on the prototype.

Bill Welch


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