Re: Stand-off End Straps on GN Truss Rod Boxcar

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

I am not certain what Bill used to determine just how the retainer pipe was originally routed.

The most likely are old erection shop drawings or prototype photos.

If he used photos it would a definite possibility that the retainer had been replaced. If so, no matter how it would have been routed when new, the replacement would have used the route of least resistance.

I never worked in a rail car shop but I have worked in truck/trailer shops. When an old (and I mean old here, and my experience was in the 60’s and 70’s) trailer would come in for wiring problems, rather than try to replace the broken, corroded conduit used until the later 50’s or so, we’d simply just run wiring along the frame and/or along the corners where the sides met the roof or attached to the exterior. The conduit was often run inside the walls or frame members and the time and expense involved would have been way prohibitive. I’m sure rail car shops did the same.

John Hagen


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My hunch is that by passing over the strap the retainer pipe is easier to remove for repair or replacement.

Bill Welch

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