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A razor saw works the same way, but you need to brace the thicker sprue to cause breakage of the smaller part.   It's a handy way to separate extremely thin molded ladders from their runners.

Tom Casey 

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Good tip (no pun intended) Charlie.  I’ve managed to break parts just as you describe.
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I found that (like the InterMountain N Scale Brake Wheels and some of the Walthers HO CB&Q Waycar Details) that were impossible to cut off plastic sprues without ruining the parts.   Cutting the thick runner next to delicate parts puts enough pressure on the part to break it.
The best solution I’ve found for such parts is to use a soldering pencil to melt the sprue off the part so you only have the thin connector hanging off the part which can be shaved or filed/sanded away.   Perhaps a wood burning pencil could have an Exacto blade inserted (some have the same style tip holder) for more precise control.
Charlie Vlk

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