Re: Icing in general

Tony Thompson

Clark Propst wrote:

Last night at our Monday Night op session the question of how long would reefers go between icing was brought up. No one had a good answer and meat was confused with produce.

Can someone give the approximate [ballpark] time between icings while a produce car was in transit? Say from coast to coast? How about a meat reefer traveling from the Upper Midwest to the east coast?

    This was decided by the shipper. Normally 24 hours would be selected, but in cool weather a shipper could choose a longer interval (or could specify the icing stations used). In hot weather, they could specify shorter times. They could even choose to let the railroad make sure ice was "sufficient," but railroads hated that because they were then easily the victims of damage claims. I'm sure local agents worked hard to talk shippers out of that option.

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