Re: L.C.L. Corporation Container Stenciling


From what I gathered in reading various articles about this, cement in the 1930's was usually shipped in bags stacked in boxcars. 
Occasionally it was carried in bulk for large projects or, to be repackaged for small project use.
By the 1930's the need arose for intermediate sized shipments of cement for use in urban construction projects.
The air-activated container helped that need. They were filled and sealed at a plant manufacturing cement.
They could be off-loaded onto trucks or barges for on-site delivery without exposure of the processed cement to the weather, which could happen in open area break-bulk situations. 
Most LCL air-activated containers were used by eastern roads, such as NYC, DL&W, LV and D&H.

By the 1960s, these air activated containers were out of date and being stacked for scrap. 
Better designs of bulk cement carrying hopper cars along with better handling for break-bulk and repackaging operations for on site use made them obsolete.

Ed Bommer

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