Re: Icing in general


   Where is Ben Hom to say "Doesn't anybody check the files?" 

      Re-read the file I had posted in 2015 " Transit Times for produce West Coast to Chicago - New York."  It is REA scanned documents that give a good synopsis. 
If nothing else, read the Appendix J. Of the rest, it deals with schedules of 1932 era trains that are arriving so far a head of schedule (fifth morning New York) it was causing problems.   

      I would heartily agree with Tony Thompson's "24 hours" and I will add that on the Northern Pacific, roughly every 500 to 1000 miles however this later mileage listing seems to be to cover contingencies and/or local conditions or harvests. On the NP, 24 hours seemed to be a good rule of thumb also. 
      To expand on that, there is also a document I had uploaded to the files earlier in 2009. "Fruit and Vegetable Transit in PNW - 1934. (no hot link however files page 11) - Open this and note under the UP section, the number of emergency icing stations. The reason I mention this is that (on any railroad) just because there is an icing station should not be taken as every train stopped there. These trains were expedited trains. Richard Hendrickson did a presentation eons ago at the old Sunshine RPM HI site in which reefers moved CA field to NY kitchen table in five days.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jim Dick - St. Paul 

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