Re: Bending custom grab irons


Found the last one in the bottom of the caboose stuff drawer

On the waaaay as artillery guys say

Joe Binish

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I have a good supply of curved grabs these days, but in the past I have used a dowel (1/2” or less) or coin (quarter) and wrapped a length of wire.  Once the wire is curved, even if the radius is not correct as needed, it can be formed to the correct radius. Bend the legs 90° to the curve an done. To be sure you get 90° legs, place the curved section on the corner of a flat box top with the legs sticking out over the edges on either side of the corner.  Tape the curved part down if you need to.  Bend the legs down on the box sides. Done.


Peter Ness


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Anyone have tips for bending custom CURVED grab rails akin to that on the side ends of a caboose?  My first attempts have been less than ideal.  So much so, I've been thinking photo etched brass might rather be the solution to get it repeatably correct.  

Jake Schaible

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