Re: Reefers: Heaters


   I DO model heaters and heater service on my layout, thanks to some 3D printed (HO) Kerosene Preco heaters available through Shapeways.  They also have the charcoal heaters, too.  The Preco's especially, are cheap detail parts for your icing platforms!
When you're modelling icing, you need to ice the car, re-ice it, etc. various ways. Heating is more complex. You need to install and remove the heaters, re-fuel the heater, AND, you cannot enter a heated car until 30 minutes after the heater has been shut off and the doors opened, to dissipate carbon it adds a little twist to unloading oeprations.  I handle all of these with extra tags that go in the waybill slot on my car cards.  It adds another dimension to the movement of fruit and perishables.

Joe Berger
Great Northern Railway (HO)
Cascade Division

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