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This has also been on my mind, particularly after my current health crisis. Consider making a detailed inventory of what you want to donate to each source and keep it with your other important papers. It also wouldn't hurt to put some sort of labels on the pieces so your heirs can tell what goes where.

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On 8/31/18 1:21 PM, Jared Harper wrote:
My wife and I are getting ready to update our wills.  One of the things I have been thinking about is what to do with my railroad materials.  I  have photos, station plats, surveys, clearance charts, etc. mostly dealing with the Alma branch.  Back in 1983, I donated all my Raton Pass materials to the De Golyer Library at SMU in Dallas.  Some other places I am considering are the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka, the Santa Fe Archives in Temple, TX; and the California RR Museum.  Any other suggestions I should consider?  I want to donate the materials to some place they will be curated and will be easily accessable to researchers.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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