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I will agree. In writing my livestock operations book I longed for simple little non descript books like the records of livestock forwarded or records of livestock shipped. You would be amazed at how scarce they are. People thought them useless and threw them away.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Tim, I would say that the Conductor’s books are in fact “genuine, primary archival materials.”  They were created by actual railroaders in the pursuit of their work, it doesn’t get much more authentic, on-the-ground recording of “what really happened.:  Granted a single book may contain anomalies, but an entire book will cover the normal run of what was carried in regular normal trains.




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For people with genuine, primary archival materials - of whatever kind -
I agree this can be difficult to figure out. I have virtually no materials
of this kind - conductor's books, cyclopedias, a few other genuine railroad
publications is all. I'm confident that none of them are unique, and therefore
I'm happy to instruct my heirs to sell them (Ebay etc) - or keep anything they
like. I figure if someone is willing to pay money to own them, then whatever
protection they receive will be because a new person values them. In the end
I think "continuous custody" is the only long term solution. Even museums and
official archives can be impermanent. (Maybe I'm thinking of the horrific fire
yesterday in Brazil that destroyed literally millions of items collected over
the previous 200 years.)

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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