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Schuyler Larrabee

Zoomed in, the MDT sigh says “New York and Boston.”  It also says “OOOO Freight  Line” beneath the banner, might be (probably is) “Fast Freight Line.”




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Hi Richard,


There is a sign on the roof over the three cars on the left, NYC&HRRR red Line, White Line and Blue Line cars respectively from left to right, that reads: “The New York Central & Hudson River Rail Road Company” on the upper line and “Freight Taken From the Atlantic to the Pacific Without Transfer” on the lower line.  The roof over the MDT car has a sign that reads: “Merchants Dispatch Transportation Co.”  Unfortunately, I can’t make out the rest of the message.





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Roger Hinman's Merchants Despatch book has a couple of related photos of the same exhibit on p. 90. According to the captions it was the NYC&HR RR's display at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial. I know that's not conclusive, but it does support the other evidence of it being the Centennial exhibition.


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I suppose the library may have miscategorized the photos, but the numbering and style of the caption block is certainly consistent with that on other photos clearly of Centennial exhibits.

Possibly the exhibit is listed under NYC&HR, per the sign at the right end of the pavilion roof?

An apology; my post looks like a rather stupid reply to yours, but it's actually a direct reply to the OP before I saw you had covered the matter in more detail. And my bad for Exposition instead of Exhibition. I suppose I have the Columbian and other later fairs more firmly lodged in my mind.

Jack Mullen

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