Tom Madden

On Sun, Sep 9, 2018 at 06:24 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:
Martin left us about four years ago and Sunshine shut down.
Actually, it's closer to six years. Martin went into the hospital in September 2012 because his meds were making him weak, and passed away in early January 2013. If his son, Charles, is less than gracious at this point I suspect he's reflecting his mother's irritation at being asked repeatedly to do the impossible - pick up the loose ends of a business that closed almost six years ago, the products of said business she has no way of recreating. As for Charles, he is no longer the boy and young man who folded boxes and packed kits for his dad. He has an advanced degree in (I think) aerospace engineering and it's unreasonable, all these years later, to expect him to view our complaints as anything other than a nuisance. He, his sister, their families and their mother deserve to be left alone. Yes, things fell apart for Sunshine after Martin was hospitalized on a trip to Timonium and quality suffered. But let me tell you, from immediate, first hand experience, when you're dealing with the final illness and loss of a spouse, nothing else in your life seems very important.

Let it go.

Tom Madden.

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